I recently discovered this new show, titled Salem. As soon as I saw Salem I knew it would have something to do with the Salem witch trials. After American Horror Story Coven, I have been itching to find a new witch related fix. I am pleased to say that Salem is that fix.
The show begins with the Puritans doing what they did best; making other people’s lives hell. Then we see young lovers John Alden and Mary and their third wheel, George Sibley. Sibley sends John to basically die in the war and the show reveals it’s first bombshell: Mary’s pregnant. This would mean death in a regular Puritan town, but not to worry. Mary’s mysterious, ageless servant, Tituba comes to her rescue. They go to the forest, under the cover of darkness where Mary gives up her child and sells her soul to the devil. Yes, she SELLS HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL. Then Tituba says: “All the world shall be yours.”
Years later, Mary has become the most powerful witch on Salem. She’s like the Supreme. Also, she’s married to George Sibley. However, George isn’t George and Mary’s practically ruling Salem. Then John Alden  because that is exactly what our powerful heroine needs, her ex-lover returns from the dead.
Add a possessed Mercy Lewis and sleazy, hypocritical Cotton Mather and Salem promises to be dark, sexy and bizarre.