Usually, I don’t write about music. This wasn’t meant to be centred around music. The reason is that I often find it difficult to describe music. The way I listen to it; the way it affects me. However I’ve decided to make an exception. And it’s all because Willow Smith decided to release an album.

I wasn’t really a fan of her, and a friend inspired me to listen to this album. And now that I have. I’m in awe.

Ardipithecus is an album that’s coherent and disjointed; mature and juvenile, all at once. And I fucking loved it. I listened to it early in the morning, and I was the only one awake so it was more than an album. It was an experience.

From the first song I was transported into another world. And it was weird and intense and vibrant. Everything was heightened and I felt connected to the world.

I’m not really sure if I have a favourite song. Each song gave me a different experience. There was just something about this album that inspired me. It was ambitious and experimental and at the same time down to earth. There was something in the album that made me think of Lorde’s Pure Heroine. Beneath all the ‘New-Age’ references, it’s an album about being young.17WILLOWSMITH1-superJumbo